Thursday, December 4, 2008

Professionally Passionate

Have you ever encountered a person (or people) in your career that just seemed too happy to be working? Or perhaps worked for a company that seemed just too good to be true (or so you thought)? As I've unlocked my passion I have discovered the perfect job does exist!

It used to be when I came across "happy" working people, it was all commission based or salary based - it was not a real happiness that drove them, but rather the joy in realizing they could buy that new gadget on payday or take a vacation with their next commission check. Now granted, that helps, but just because we get a paycheck, does not imply we are happy in our jobs - and most certainly not passionate about them.

Well Charles Broersma, CEO and Founder of Cazbah (or ChazAtCaz on Twitter) is the real deal. I will never forget the first time I met him, before I had my job offer... I physically felt a buzz of energy sitting across the table from him - we may have been discussing my past employment, but his engery and excitement for his company and where he was going was just mind boggling. I walked out of my interview that day thinking to myself "this is where I belong". 2 days later I had the job.

Charles' passion for his business is like a virus for which there is no vacciene. Maybe it's because I did not get my flu shot this year that I caught that bug, but I'm sure glad I did. I find myself spending much time in the company of someone who explodes with energy and ideas. At any given moment, Charles will literally BURST into my office with a mind-blowing thought or idea, which will usually spark one of my own, which will in turn re-spark another for him and so it continues.

He is passionate about his employees, his vision for the future, and most importantly passionate about what we give back to our clients. We serve small businesses who provide niche products and services and who are (what's the word?) passionate about their product but need help finding their markets online? It's the perfect fit! Passion feeds passion!

On a good day, I have given Charles at least one thought-provoking headache because I've made his brain swell. If you see him on Twitter be sure to offer him something for the pain. If you catch me on Twitter - I invite you to share YOUR passion with me!

So try to pursue the very things that you are passionate about- that is the difference between good and
-- Shawn Doyle


  1. Wen,
    It seems that you have always been passionate about everything you do in life. You have always tackled every job, situation, challenge, and goal with your heart and soul.
    It is great to read a detailed account of that passion, if only to understand it a bit more. I think that you will find that your passion will be infectious, much as you described Charles' passion.
    Congratulations on your first two posts to your blog...I am sure continued success will be yours.

  2. Hi Wendy,

    I decided to come check out your blog tonight as I promised earlier on twitter. Good start, as an intern / beginning pr practitioner I know that pasiion needs to drive you.

    My passions are writing and advocacy. Since I've learned I'm decent at both I've been using my passion to drive my life. I have taken on three different jobs with various clients for no charge at all. Two are non profit groups and the third , well they do consultancy work so I just like being able to help out.