Thursday, March 26, 2009

Passion To Evolve Has Moved

Greetings Friends!

Passion to Evolve blog has now evolved to it's own URL!  All future posts will now be available at

We will continue to evolve, and I hope you'll continue to follow along and comment!



Saturday, March 21, 2009

Tweet It Forward

I recently wrote a blog post that got a lot of attention titled Pay it Forward.  The post, inspired by a tv commercial, was very meaningful to me because I truly believe that the simplest of gestures can change someone's life.  The movie that came out years ago was truly an inspiration to so many, and movements were started around the globe.

My original post talks about the random smile to the apparently sad person, or waiting that few extra seconds to hold the door for someone a few steps behind.  Those little gestures can make such a difference in a persons attitude or outlook.  Now I'll apply that same concept to Twitter.

I have become a Twunkie (my new word  for Twitter Junkie)!  What I love so much about Twitter is watching relationships evolve and seeing what other people are doing FOR each other.  You see so many Tweeps - strangers really - helping each other out, with potentially nothing to gain.

Help can come in the form of a ReTweet, a #followfriday shout out, a recommendation, or just providing helpful and meaningful content.  I don't consider myself to be an expert in social media, merely a student just like everyone else, with so much to learn.  I love it when someone asks a question in need of advice and I can contribute.  That makes me feel great!

The vast majority, I would presume, are on Twitter for the purposes of self-promotion and marketing.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with that - but what I'm finding is that the more effective Twitter Marketeers are the ones who truly provide value to others and aide in fostering relationships between other Tweeps.

How can you Pay It Forward on Twitter?  Take the time to click through links that people are posting.  They are posting them for a reason - and I believe it to be my responsiblity to look at them (can't read them all, but you get the point).  When you do review them and they are meaningful - take the time to leave a comment to let them know you were there (and leave your Twitter ID) - and then ReTweet it!  That is paying it forward Twitter style - help others promote themselves, and they will more than likely help to promote someone else (maybe even you)!

I was truly humbled by the number of Tweeps that ReTweeted that post!  Thank you to all!

How else do you Pay It Forward on Twitter?  Leave me a comment and let me know!

I will continue to #payitforward and I hope you will too!

Very Sincerely,

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What's That You Tweet?

In recent weeks I've gotten more serious about my relationships on Twitter - who I follow and why.  For whatever reason (and I'm truly humbled), I've gained a few hundred new followers in the past few weeks, and that number continues to grow.

What's daunting to me about that is that I take my followers very seriously because, they chose to follow me for a reason and I sincerely hope I can capture their interest and keep it - chances are they have something to share with me as well.

When I get notification of new followers I don't automatically follow every one - even if it takes a little bit of time, I do check out each and every profile of my followers (now it's taking longer than it used to... but I make the time to do it)  

Here's what I look for when I decide whether 
to follow back or not:  (I'm using @jasontryfon as my example)

Step 1 - Review Twitter Bio - If you can sell me in the short Bio I will follow - generally those who say they are passionate about anything I'll follow.  If the Bio is unique and funny, I'll follow.  If your Bio gives me enough sense of your business goals and they relate to me or my clients, I'll follow.

If your Bio is generally a product pitch - I probably wont follow, unless you pass step 2...

Step 2 - Review Recent Tweets - Your Bio may be blank or just not grab me, but you haven't lost me yet.  I will check out recent tweets to see what you are sharing with the world.  I look for personality, humor, sincerity, industry related info (social media, internet marketing), or information that my clients may find useful.  I also look for ReTweets, and real conversations - not one sided tweets.  (Being a Christian is a plus too.)

Seeing followers in conversation with mutual Twitter friends is always a plus too!

If your recent tweets consist only of "buy this", "great deal on this", "make a million dollars an hour working out of your home" and so on... chances are I will not be following you (sorry)

Still not satisfied after reviewing recent tweets?  The game is not over yet - onto step 3...

Step 3 - Review your Site or Blog - I may have already followed you after steps 1 or 2, process doesn't always hit this point, but I will take the time to check out your blog or website for interesting content.

**  If you are new to Twitter, doesn't mean I wont follow - we all start somewhere.  If you have a Bio and a site link that's relevant I will follow you and will enjoy watching your personality evolve!  **

How I introduce myself?  I will most definatley send you a DM referencing either one of your tweets, your Bio, or your website/blog.  I want you to know that I took the time to learn something about you.  I used @jaysontrfyon as my example here and chose an interesting tidbit to ReTweet.

@jasontryfon has it all going on.  His Bio
 is full of information that is relevant to my industry, his profile background rocks, his tweets are genuine, AND what caught me was on this quote on his background "Jason has gamered his acclaim as a noted customer satisfaction evangelist..."  YES!  Now you are speaking my language!  I let him know that too by Tweeting that little qoute :)

I am big on ReTweeting the good info of others and paying it foward whenever I can. (#payitforward).

So if you are following me and have not heard back from me yet - never fear - I need some time to do the real work!

Why do you follow and how do you introduce yourself?  I'd love to hear!

Like this post?  Please RT!  See yah on Twitter my friends!

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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Personal Media - Nah - Social Media Sounds Better

Tonight on Twitter I was reviewing profiles of new connections made throughout the day.  I always check out profiles of those following me, and read their tweets before following them.  I generally try to RT at least one post for each new person that I follow.  I came across this one tonight:

@joelcomm tweets to @GrowMap "Without personal touch, you limit the social in social media" 

And to that I say... 

Really!  SOCIAL Media... Say that again... SOCIAL Media.  Be personal - be social!

I have to say, I'm very much enjoying really digging into Twitter and getting to know some really fabulous people!  Once you engage others in conversation and take a genuine interest in what other people have to say - rather than what you can get out of it - you'll be hooked!

I almost feel bad - I seem to get out of it, more than I feel I give, but at the same time, others are ReTweeting my goodies, and I got some great shout outs today for #followfriday!  It's humbling and so very much appreciated.  I only hope I can give back ten-fold!

I really don't know what I have to offer, but I know that I enjoy chatting with and listening to what others have to share.  I'm finding the more I listen, the more I am heard.  Amazing really.

Your personal touches can go such a long way in Social Media, so long as they are sincere.  Insincerity in social networking is spotted a mile away!  Maybe you do have something to sell on Twitter, and that's okay - but that will come in time if you are passionate about building real relationships - those relationships will build your brand and drive your business.

A few points I struggle with that I have run into in Social Media networks:

-->  You follow me on Twitter, so naturally I want to learn more about you and what makes you tick, and perhaps what I might be able to share with you - but your Tweets are blocked?  How the heck am I supposed to get to know you?

-->  On LinkedIn... You have a public profile on a business networking site, but when I express a sincere interest in networking with you, I'm told "I only accept connection requests from people I've already done business with" - Now to me that defeats the entire purpose of LinkedIn and Social Media.

--> On Facebook...  I send you a friend request because perhaps we work in the same industry, we have a similar interest, or common connections - and am told "I only connect with people I have met face to face".  Again - Facebook with 160,000,000 users... I use FB for personal and for business.  And I purposely do not keep those profiles separate, after all I am a person, so my personality is personal, and I am who I am personally and professionaly and they are the same person!  Make sense?  Why would you NOT want to connect and get know a potential information sharing source?

I understand the privacy thing - but in some regards, and on some networks, it defeats the purpose of SOCIAL MEDIA.

I will continue to remind everyone to #payitforward in all you do (Twitter and beyond)!  Give more than you want to receive and you'll get far more than you ever imagined possible - but BE SINCERE!

Thanks for the inspiration @joelcomm - I truly look forward to following you!  

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Why Me? Why You?

In a recent post @dannybrown asked folks to introduce themselves - so I did.  I read his post on Monday, the same day I wrote my "Pay It Forward" post.  One of the questions he asked was about what blog post defines you - Ironically it was the post I wrote that very day.  I live my life on the premise of paying it forward.  If you haven't read it yet - it's a must read!  :)

@ChazAtCaz and I discussed this today in the office as well - it's just too true!  We reap what we sow, I cannot say that enough.

So I ask you this...  Why Me?  Why should you connect with and get to know me?  

Because I care.  Show me that you care and I'll promote the heck out of you.  Show me what you are passionate about and I'll share your passion with everyone I know!

My areas of expertise include internet marketing, project management, web development, living a Christ centered life, parenting (not really an expert, more of a work-in-progress), and am in the process of working my way up in the ranks of the social media arena.  I am passionate about all that I do, and all that I am.

We all have something (lots of things) to learn, and I know that I can learn from you!  What can YOU teach me?  Though there are too many to list, some of my recent "teachers" include @auctiondirect, @dougmcsorley, @markfrisk.  I am always learning from @chazatcaz!  I hope to return that favor one day.  To them I say thanks!  To you I say - thank you in advance!

To build on what Danny did, I say to you - what can we learn from each other?  Please leave me a comment with answers to the following questions:

What are you passionate about?

Who are you favorite Tweeps and why?

What can I share with You?

Where can we connect?   FB, LinkedIn, Twitter, Other?

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Paying it Forward

I have to say, that I generally don't pay attention to TV commercials.  If I am to buy something, it is because a friend recommended it, or I've done the research (more than likely online).  Tonight, this commercial captured my eye...  I watched all 60 seconds of it.

What I love about it is not what they are selling, but the message in general.  I passionately believe that we reap what we sow, and if this commercial is any indication of how Liberty Mutual treats their clients, then it's a product worth having.

A fantastic ad, which should be applied to every business.  I live my life this way, letting the person go in traffic before me, holding the elevator, or pausing for a few seconds to hold the door for someone whos a few steps behind.  These little gestures can go along way, and that chance encounter and the smile you bring someone - will more than likely be shared with someone else, and so on and so on.

Just a few weeks ago I was pumping gas, and this adorable elderly man was cleaning his headlights, windows and windshied at the next pump.  I jokingly said "hey when you're done with yours you can do mine" with a big old smile.  When I came out from paying for my gas, there he was washing my windshield.  He informed me he had not done his good deed for the day.

The world needs more of this!  THAT I am passionate about.  So when you do find yourself a few steps ahead, take the extra 15 seconds to hold the door... And do it with a smile, inside and out.

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Friday, March 6, 2009

Internet Marketing Taskmasters

If you are like any of my clients - they tend to get a bit overwhelmed when told what to do!  What I quickly learned upon kicking-off the marketing of a freshly launched (or re-launched) website is that clients often become overwhelmed when they realize the real work is just beginning.

Common misconception:  If you build it they will come... (see previous post - this is not the Field of Dreams!)  

You must work and rework your site, monitor traffic sources, statistics, conversions and about a gazillion other factors to determine where to focus your energies - and then you need to put the time and energy into it - REGULARLY!

When I review a website's marketing plan with a new client - I warn them...  ::: your eyes will glaze over about half way through this, don't be alarmed :::  There is a ton of information and activity surrounding an effective internet marketing plan - and the best type of plan?

A simple plan!  Keep it simple!  I tell my customers they will get no more than 3 tasks at a time from me.  I try to keep the work in small manageable chunks, so when they accomplish a task, they feel great about it.

Not only that, but when you are reviewing website content and updating it, I find it better to do in small chunks to start getting the new web pages indexed while working on others, so you aren't waiting 6 months to promote a whole new website yet again.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

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