Thursday, December 11, 2008

Variety is the Spice of Life in Marketing

During a conversation with a coworker today (and a new employee at my company) I was chatting it up about why I love my job so much - there's that passion again.  This chap said to me that he couldn't get motivated in his last job because it was the same old - same old every day.    

Exactly!  I thought...  Here at Cazbah - I get to manage the online marketing activities for a buffet of industries.  Switching gears by the minute.  How many times a day do I switch gears?  

One minute I'm sending a press release about multi-deck pizza ovens... Then on to preparing an email blast about restoration of antique firearms, and before you know it, I'm helping someone publish their blog post about automotive expertise.  Sprinkle in there some content for medical laboratory testing equipment and perhaps some linking activites for industrial air scrubbers!  I cover the gammit in one day.  Oh and let's not forget the internal marketing activities for Cazbah and the new website to be unveiled in early 2009 (which will, of course, Rock!).

Every day is exciting in online marketing - moreso now with social media thrown in there.  The whole Twitter thing is fantastic.  I'm meeting new tweeters and sharing ideas hour by hour.  What I get out of Twitter and other Social Media hotspots are ingredients I can then toss back into my buffet of clients and apply to their online success.

Find me on Twitter as SocialPMChick - I'd love to hear about your day and what's on your buffet!

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