Tuesday, January 27, 2009

LinkedIn Networking Group

LinkedIn Groups... Useful or Useless?

Just a short post to share my insight...  

LinkedIn Groups if properly managed can be a very effective tool for sharing information and insights on a particular subject matter.  Within these groups, you can network with folks, post related jobs, invite group members to events, share blog posts and discuss relevant topics.

The other thing you can currently do is post spam in group discussion boards.  This drives me absolutely batty!   I have been spending endless hours digging in to Facebook as viable tool for marketing businesses online and additionally - what toolset and features are available to business owners, and how to appeal to demographics, etc...

So I turned to the Facebook.com group in LinkedIn thinking I could gather up some useful morsels of information - only to find spam after spam after spam post - and sprinkled in there was a post to the effect of "Does anyone at all post anything related to Facebook on here"?  As I read through the thread on that post, I found the answer to be... well... "No".  So along comes my next experiment...

Social Media Experiment #2

I have created a new group in LinkedIn called Facebook Information Sharing Group.  I have enlisted the help of a new contact whom I have made through my networking in recent weeks.   He has graciously agreed to help me manage this group.  It is my intent to gather up all kinds of people from all industries who currently use Facebook for business or who want to use Facebook for business - and start sharing revelent information. 

I hope you'll check out this new group - join it - connect with me and others, and share real and viable information and experiences you have had related to doing business and networking for business through Facebook.

FYI... If you are not on LinkedIn - you should be!   Connect with me on LinkedIn.

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