Friday, January 9, 2009

Waking the Passion in 2009

Short post today:

We are now 9 days in to 2009 and I've been searching for my passion this year...  It finally dawned on me that I never truly lost it (at least not all of it).  My year has started out on a rough note personally, however, I am letting go of control of that and turning it over to my higher power.

What I CAN focus my passion and energy on is what I am good at - my job.  I was reflecting last night on the things I've accomplished for my clients so far this year already and was suprised at how long the list was.  

Mind you - some of the items on my list are still "in progress" - but I'm feeling pretty accomplished this week.  I've got online virtual tours in the works, optimized AdWords campaigns, email campaigns, new product feeds, press releases, testimonials - and much much more.  

The most exciting project - my company's new web site is being redesigned and should hopefully be up and running VERY soon.  So check out the old one before it goes away because the next release is going to blow it out of the water - THAT I am passionate about.

I will probably repurpose my blog in 2009 as I find my focus and set some goals for the year - so stay tuned - I'm hoping for an exciting year professionally.

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