Saturday, March 21, 2009

Tweet It Forward

I recently wrote a blog post that got a lot of attention titled Pay it Forward.  The post, inspired by a tv commercial, was very meaningful to me because I truly believe that the simplest of gestures can change someone's life.  The movie that came out years ago was truly an inspiration to so many, and movements were started around the globe.

My original post talks about the random smile to the apparently sad person, or waiting that few extra seconds to hold the door for someone a few steps behind.  Those little gestures can make such a difference in a persons attitude or outlook.  Now I'll apply that same concept to Twitter.

I have become a Twunkie (my new word  for Twitter Junkie)!  What I love so much about Twitter is watching relationships evolve and seeing what other people are doing FOR each other.  You see so many Tweeps - strangers really - helping each other out, with potentially nothing to gain.

Help can come in the form of a ReTweet, a #followfriday shout out, a recommendation, or just providing helpful and meaningful content.  I don't consider myself to be an expert in social media, merely a student just like everyone else, with so much to learn.  I love it when someone asks a question in need of advice and I can contribute.  That makes me feel great!

The vast majority, I would presume, are on Twitter for the purposes of self-promotion and marketing.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with that - but what I'm finding is that the more effective Twitter Marketeers are the ones who truly provide value to others and aide in fostering relationships between other Tweeps.

How can you Pay It Forward on Twitter?  Take the time to click through links that people are posting.  They are posting them for a reason - and I believe it to be my responsiblity to look at them (can't read them all, but you get the point).  When you do review them and they are meaningful - take the time to leave a comment to let them know you were there (and leave your Twitter ID) - and then ReTweet it!  That is paying it forward Twitter style - help others promote themselves, and they will more than likely help to promote someone else (maybe even you)!

I was truly humbled by the number of Tweeps that ReTweeted that post!  Thank you to all!

How else do you Pay It Forward on Twitter?  Leave me a comment and let me know!

I will continue to #payitforward and I hope you will too!

Very Sincerely,

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  1. Lovely topic - thanks for taking the time to write it! I try to retweet and to respond when I can, although my knowledge of social media is still somewhat limited (my strength is knowledge about volunteerism) as is the time I am able to spend on Twitter. Still, you make a great point and I will try to be mindful of it as I continue to learn. Thanks again! @volunteerhoward

  2. Very well said, Wendy. And timely, too, as my company is going to be getting into more social networking and the focus will be very much what you discussed here...helping people...not just marketing. Thanks! I'm going to pass this along to the owners to show them that my pitch to them has merit :) @hilcheycchandler

  3. Thank you both for the great comments! I always appreciate the feedback. And more that you took the time to share your thoughts with me. I look forward to following both of you on Twitter and sharing whatever I can with you, or for you :)


  4. I love the payitforward concept! I recently commented on someone's question about the value of a smile on LinkedIN. Paying it forward with something as simple as a smile costs you absolutely nothing but can mean the world to someone else. Kindness goes a long way and at some point in our lives we all need it.

  5. Very true.Small gestures bring big happiness.