Thursday, March 12, 2009

Why Me? Why You?

In a recent post @dannybrown asked folks to introduce themselves - so I did.  I read his post on Monday, the same day I wrote my "Pay It Forward" post.  One of the questions he asked was about what blog post defines you - Ironically it was the post I wrote that very day.  I live my life on the premise of paying it forward.  If you haven't read it yet - it's a must read!  :)

@ChazAtCaz and I discussed this today in the office as well - it's just too true!  We reap what we sow, I cannot say that enough.

So I ask you this...  Why Me?  Why should you connect with and get to know me?  

Because I care.  Show me that you care and I'll promote the heck out of you.  Show me what you are passionate about and I'll share your passion with everyone I know!

My areas of expertise include internet marketing, project management, web development, living a Christ centered life, parenting (not really an expert, more of a work-in-progress), and am in the process of working my way up in the ranks of the social media arena.  I am passionate about all that I do, and all that I am.

We all have something (lots of things) to learn, and I know that I can learn from you!  What can YOU teach me?  Though there are too many to list, some of my recent "teachers" include @auctiondirect, @dougmcsorley, @markfrisk.  I am always learning from @chazatcaz!  I hope to return that favor one day.  To them I say thanks!  To you I say - thank you in advance!

To build on what Danny did, I say to you - what can we learn from each other?  Please leave me a comment with answers to the following questions:

What are you passionate about?

Who are you favorite Tweeps and why?

What can I share with You?

Where can we connect?   FB, LinkedIn, Twitter, Other?

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1 comment:

  1. I am passionate about my relationship with God and my family and getting healthy.
    I don't Tweet.
    What you know about Twitter and Social Media and God and parenting... You've given me the contagious smile--- how long ago?
    Right here.