Saturday, February 7, 2009

12 for 12K: Passion to Make A Difference

Getting up early on a Saturday is not a usual thing for me.  Today, however, I have a volunteer meeting at church because I'm going to start giving back to the recovery group that I attend twice a week that has given so much to my life in more ways than I can put a label on.

I generally start my day with some powerful scripture or motivational writings that jump start me with the right tone to make a difference.  I like to start my day with passion and enthusiasm for what I can do in other people's lives.

My day today starts with an email on Facebook from @dannybrown about his 12 for 12k Challenge.  You wanna talk about passion?  Here's a guy who had an idea to use the power of social media and the internet to raise money for charities and do it in a manor that pretty much no-one can say no to!

Watch this video and DONATE - $10 is all he's asking for!  That's one movie (at today's prices) with a soda, it's 3 lattes at Starbucks, who can't give up 3 lattes to make a difference?

Watch this video and visit 12 for 12k to learn more and donate!

I'm in... Are you?

At the very least... if you are unsure - visit 12 for and/or follow @dannybrown on twitter to learn more.  There is MUCH to learn.

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