Sunday, February 1, 2009

Getting to Know Your Networks

Facebook Connections

So I recently created a page on Facebook dedicated to Artichokes and in just a week, I have over 100 followers of this page.  At first I felt it was just an experiment to see how many people would find it if I worked it through various channels on Facebook, Twitter and yes - even LinkedIn.

What I'm finding now is that I'm actually connecting with some great people!  Every person that has "become a fan" of my page I have requested their friendship on Facebook, and am slowing getting to know some really great people!

What's more, I'm asking them all how they found the page - some through silly game applications, some through an actual search on FB for "artichokes" - yes people do search on it (I did), and some by seeing posts on others profiles, and a few from Twitter...  It has been a good lesson on what tools are in place to gain some awareness in Facebook.

The thought I take away from this - as with Twitter and LinkedIn - the same rule would apply.  Making these connections does absolutely no good if you don't make the effort to exchange information with and get to know your networked connections!

What's the point of connecting with people if you have nothing share?  As on Twitter, share your experiences and expertise, but also share some of yourself on a personal level.  Allow people in cyberspace to see that you are real and honest.

Just short post in the wee hours of the morning - but some thoughts I wanted to share.

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  1. I'll try this again, creativity is bound by incomplete passes(for some reason my first post was lost).

    Here goes: You should write the social media book; "Bees to Honey: Attracting Friends in a Social Mediated World".

    I came here after seeing your tweet on 'focus', laughable since you have no trouble with making your point.

    On social media contacts you are a Force to be aligned with. May we offer you as much as you offer us.