Monday, February 2, 2009

Getting to Know Your Contacts

As I have vowed to learn about each and every contact between Twitter, Facebook and Linked in, I'm now a bit overwhelmed with this daunting task.  As I sit back and assess the situation, I realize that in just a few short months, I have amassed roughly 1,000 contacts...  

That's A LOT of people to get to know...  But I will do it, I will get them (you) all organized and itemized.  I will review every profile one at a time and try to learn little bits and pieces about each contact.

Today I learned that one new connection on Facebook resides in the same town as two of my best friends from high school.  I also learned that he was an Account Manager for Yellow Book, and he and his wife were blessed with a beautiful baby recently.

With almost 700 Twitter followers, I have decided to attack this 5 or 10 at a time... Here's what I learned today about my new contacts - maybe you see something here that interest you, and find someone new to follow on Twitter:

@kidpartyplanner  is a pretty cool chick.  She has a web site all about kids party planning, and also works to help other women promote their blogs and their businesses.

@robmcnealy has a great philosophy on twitter use - basically... respect my space and time... I will respect yours.  Rob has a huge following as a serial blogger and social media expert  - I look forward to following his blog and believe there is much to be learned here.

@jennywrites sells a product that is much like the sticker chart I'm currently using to potty train my 3 year old.  It's a color-wrist band system (like the "live strong" bands), and with each day or each goal you change colors.  Love the concept!  

@dannybrown is making things happen with his 12 for 12 challenge.  He's working his Facebook Blog and Group, and getting noticed on Twitter.  His 2009 challenge to raise 12,000 for 12 charities is a lofty goal.  I give him props knowing he faces massives challenges to make this a reality.

@nixthenews well he just has fun tweets, video posts, and other fun stuff to take reality breaks often when greatly needed.   Today for example - a video clip of Bill Murray from "Groundhog's Day" - a classic (and today being that day - very fitting).  Great Tweets!

Those are just a few I follow, and an example of how I intend to learn a bit about 1,000 connections I have made in the past few months.  I am no expert, just a small internet marketing account manager looking to grow and this is just my $.02

But If I add up the $.02 I take from everyone else I connect with online - it sure does add up to a lot of valuable information.

See you on Twitter!

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  1. Great post. I've been trying to come up with a good way of doing something similar. Currently, I'm following nearly 1,300 people on Twitter and have over 1,750 following me. On Facebook, I've got nearly 900 friends. DandyID lists seventy other networks that I'm on, so it becomes particularly challenging to keep track of everyone. However, there is a lot of overlap between the different networks so it isn't too bad.

    That said, I've been kicking around ideas of setting up some sort of social network relationship management program to keep track of everyone.

    Do you do anything like that?

  2. Thanks for the feedback - I need to get a handle on this soon before my numbers get too much larger! I'd love to hear what you are thinking for a social networking management program. Beyond organizing my friends in Facebook into categories by how I know them, it's challenging to keep others separate.

    Let's keep this dialog going! This is an area I can use some help.