Monday, February 2, 2009

Random Thoughts: Social Media & Stuff

I am getting old... As confirmed by a friend of mine today.  I had the perfect idea for a blog post, and from the time I went to bed last night - I cannot remember what it was about.  So I'm left with random thoughts which I will share.  Random thoughts on Social Media, Careers and more...

Random Thought #1:  24x7 Connectivity is Cool.

Social Media totally cool because I can connect with people all over the world any time of day or night and be mentally stimulated about all things.  I can get feedback about a work project or personal thought in a matter of seconds in real time.  That's pretty powerful.  I'm not talking teenagers in a chat room, I'm talking professionals with expertise in all areas all looking to share information and insights.  Ten years ago it was finding a "30 something" chat room on AOL and weeding through to find someone of value to talk to.... Not so much like that anymore - much easier to find real and valuable connections.

Random Thought #2:  People really do connect!

I have made 100+ new friends because I love artichokes.  Now that to me is excellent!  I have yet to really get to know many of these folks, and fully intend to do so because through something as simple as a food interest, I have made these connections.  I don't know yet what these people can offer me, or I them, but my guess is there is something for each one.  I will spend much time reviewing profiles for all new connections and getting to know everyone.

Random Thought #3:  New Month's Resolutions

I decided yesterday: February 1, 2009 that I would be making new resolutions for the month, though actually, they could be "new week's resolutions" or even "new day's resolutions".  January was a challenging month for me and I've really managed to learn how to live my life ONE DAY AT A TIME.  This applies to my career, my personal life and my relationship with God.  Today I am resolved to live only for today and make it the best day possible for me and for every person I come into contact with.  Remember - smiles are contageous and actions speak louder than words.

Random Thought #4:  What is your Dream Job?

Someone asked me on Friday night if I could do any job in the world, what would it be?  My answer was simple - I love what I do, and I cannot imagine having a different career than internet marketing.  So in conjunction with Random Thought #3 - I am resolved to make each day the most I can at work and provide the best level of service to my clients.  I am resolved to find creative solutions to making their online presence the best it can be.  I am also resolved to spread the passion for what I do...

Random Thought #5:  Totally Random Thought...

I love my best friend, through thick and thin - good and bad.  I will love my best friend today, for who he is today - and not worry about who he'll be tomorrow.  I hope my best friend has a great day today, knowing he is truly good at what he does (because he is truly passionate about it) - and doesn't worry so much today about what's on his plate tomorrow.  I want my best friend to know that the elephant is not really an elephant...

Everyone should have at least one person in their life they feel this way about and are passionate about - if you do - please tell that person you love them today.  Don't wait until tomorrow.  That's my passion point to ponder today.  

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  1. Thanks for teaching me how to connect with all the professionals. It really is working. And talking to old friends on Facebook is an added plus. I laugh everytime you find a way to fit your Facebook Artichoke Page into your social media correspondense!

  2. Funny - I wrote the Piece of Cake past last night, and after I wrote it I got thinking perhaps I should have compared Internet Marketing to an Artichoke - may save that for a later date :)